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Winning It Rambo Style!

If you ever played paintball you will learn really fast that this game is about strategy, speed and action.  You’ll learn that real fast.  So many of you may be thinking how can I up my game and win it Rambo style?

The "Run Through"


What is called the “Run Through” in paintball language is one of the most exciting moves the crowd can see and it raises your rep immediately making you look like a hero, if done well.  I call it here, winning it Rambo style!

Now I know you all would like to master this one, no bet, but it is a lot harder than a pro makes it look.  If you want to nail the run through down you need to know the field plain and simple.  You also have to be good at seeing your enemy out of position or not paying attention.

 Here’s another tip, don’t try this one unless you’re really good at running and shooting with both hands

What do you do?

You basically go down the field in with a number of “bunker moves” taking out men left , right and center.  Our free video paintball strategy course will give me more on the details on our Rambo Style paintball strategies and tips!


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Move like a Ghost

Another one of my favorites!  This is an important advancing move. 

This is what you have to do.

Pick a bunker between you and your opponent and the  bunker you want to advance to.  As you run make sure you adjust your move so the bunker is always in the way of your opponent seeing you move.  When you do this you want to make sure your gun is in firing position because you are left wide open and unprotected.
Here’s another tip, before doing this be aware of your opponents positions.  You don’t want to show up at a bunker and realize they have an angle on you once you’re there. 

Offense is the best Defense

You’ve heard it in boxing the same holds true for paintball.  Always have a number of shooters which immediately shoot of the initial break.  Being aggressive is the best strategy.

If you want to up your game, dominate your opponent, and win it Rambo style sign up for our Free Strategy Video Guide.

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