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Create a team building experience that triples your business profits, and has your employees and even competitors talking for years to come!

What would it mean to you if you could multiply your businesses profits by 3 within the next year?

According to a Professor Astebro and Dr. Serrano (Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto), it was concluded that there is a:

"13-fold increase in expected profits with teamwork".

Many business owners are frustrated with team members who don’t accomplish your business and financial goals because of a lack of trust, confidence and creativity.

What if you could have a team which works together, accomplishes goals on time, and energizes your entire workforce, as a result increases your bottom line profits?

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When everyone is moving forward together you can,

  • Develop an atmosphere of trust, confidence, energy and creativity
  • Improve Productivity and Motivation
  • Increase Leadership skills
  • Spend less money on recruitment and training.
  • Increase effective communication and cooperation towards corporate goals
  • Energize your workforce, which means they get more work done in every shift.
  • Facilitate bonding which builds a sense of trust, respect and rapport among team members
  • Develop an atmosphere of trust, confidence, energy and creativity
  • Have more accomplished in less time = More money in your pocket

Paintball in Kuwait can help you achieve this,

So what do paintballs whizzing by your head at 307 km/hour do to one?

  • It breaks those racial and other barriers down preventing communication in an instant
  • It teaches you that without working together, you stand no chance
  • It forces you to have a strategy in place and to execute this strategy as a team
  • It makes you realize that you need your colleagues to guard your back
  • It quickly allows you to discover that in order to win you need to work together

While experiencing this rush and thrill your employees will quickly learn that in order to win they need to work together and work effectively, this involves cooperation, communication, camaraderie, strategizing and more.

And all this while they are bonding and having fun.


corpOneOur large facility is perfect for your organization's next team building event.
With over 400 rental sets, full jumpsuits and chest/face protectors, a friendly and professional referee staff and not to mention one of the most exciting team building programs ever developed, your next team building event is one that will affect your team for years to come!

You'll have an opportunity to play some of the most unique paintball fields with a variety of different types of terrain and props including,

  • Inflatable bunkers
  • Brick castles
  • Trenches
  • Sniper towers
  • Forts and more...!

You'll also have access to our 250 square meter rest area overlooking the field and action during your team building event.

You are welcome to bring your choice of food and beverage caterer, or we can take care of that for you. We have a special exclusive deal with Ruby Tuesday’s you can ask about.

Book now to discover why your next team building event will be less of the same and more of an opportunity which you will reap the profits from, for years to come!

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