are fun, but have you ever tried the real life thrill of paintball?

Are you ready for some of the best excitement in your life?

You get to shoot your friends and get back at them all you want  

WARNING: Anyone who tries paintball will get addicted for life.

Crazy Orange Spills The Beans In This Video:

Watch this VIDEO of REAL LIFE ACTION of Kuwait Players at Paintball in Kuwait.

What makes paintball in Kuwait so fun?

•    You get to bond with your friends or family  by SHOOTING them, it’s so fun!

•    You get feel the rush of commanding your own empire, and show off your smart strategies

•    You get an adrenaline rush of paintballs whizzing by your head at 307 Km/hour

•    You will run for your life to avoid the color of defeat on your clothes.

•    You will experience REAL LIFE scenarios which keep your heart pumping and put you on your toes all day

•     Awesome outdoor green field, you don’t see much of that in Kuwait

•    A chance to impress everyone by showing off what you can do

    Experience the thrill of war and strategy

•    You'll expeirence adrenline rush like you never have before

•    Divide and Conquer you enemies many times  a day FREE, you just pay once for the whole day

•     Switching up teams and teammates as you like

In short, it's a thrilling experience that you'll talk about for the rest of your life.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself and watch this video of Kuwait Paintball players in action

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